USA Is the Most Crypto-Ready Country, According to a Recent Research

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The cryptocurrency platform – Crypto Head – ranked the USA as the most prepared nation for the widespread adoption of digital assets. On the other hand, Cyprus is the country most interested in virtual currencies.

Who Is Ready for Crypto?

Despite the insecure nature of digital assets in terms of regulations, their popularity is still growing among investors. And while each country has its own specific approach towards the market, Crypto Head revealed which nations are the most inclined to it.

The platform combined several statistics such as annual crypto Google searches per 100,000 people, crypto queries annual increase, and the number of ATMs to calculate that the USA, with its index of 7.13 out of 10, is the most prepared country for digital asset adoption. The second position belongs to Cyprus with 6.47, while the rest of the top 5 nations are Singapore (6.30), Hong Kong (6.27), and the United Kingdom (6.06).

Keeping in mind the harsh government stance on crypto in the UK, the fifth position seems like a huge success for the Britons. Interestingly, the small country of Slovenia with a population of just over 2 million people ranks 7th with an index of 5.96.

Speaking of numbers of crypto ATMs, the largest worldwide economy leads with a sizeable difference. There are 17,436 machines in the States, which means that there is one for every 19,023 American citizens. The second position belongs to Canada, with only 1,400 ATMs. However, the largest density is in Hong Kong, where one can find a crypto automated teller machine every three square miles.


Cyprus Adores Crypto

Based on the number of searches per 100,000 people, Crypto Head established that Cyprus is the most interested country in digital assets. According to the statistics, more than 30% of locals have googled “crypto” in the past year.

The dwarf-nations of Singapore and Gibraltar were placed respectively second and third with very similar percentages like Cyprus. Surprisingly, the USA, which was on top of the aforementioned rankings, is not even among the first 10 countries in this one.

It is worth noting that the statistics showed 20,783 annual crypto google searches per 100,000 people in Canada. Even though the number might seem small, it still represented an increased interest of 213% over a year and helped the North American country accumulate an index of 5.86.


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