Sensorium Galaxy: Taking Digital Entertainment to the Next Level

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The world goes virtual – what used to be an easily dismissable notion is starting to become the new reality.

The nascent industry of blockchain-based technology undoubtedly contributes to this and, perhaps, the most obvious example comes from the world of NFTs – non-fungible tokens.

NFTs took center stage earlier in the year when we saw plenty of downright outrageous purchases. Beeple’s ‘The First 5,000 Days’ artwork sold for a whopping $69 million, turning the artist into the third most valuable living one.

With this, however, we also saw many serious projects with massive backing enter the field, each one of them competing in a field that’s seemingly limitless.

One of the best-known projects in the field is Sensorium Galaxy – a massive digital metaverse that will feature concerts by some of the leading artists, dance shows, art exhibitions, quests, and whatnot.

What is Sensorium Galaxy?

Currently available as an invite-only beta, Sensorium Galaxy makes digital entertainment more realistic than ever before.

It brings forward a virtual world where everyone is capable of discovering new worlds where millions live out their own fantasies. This VR experience has already received the backing of huge names such as Jay Z’s TIDAL, David Guetta, Carl Cox, and many others.

Users can follow the lead of renowned artists and create their very own shows, host dance performances, play various DJ sets, and so much more.

Speaking on the matter was David Guetta, who said:

“Sensorium is taking the entertainment industry to the next level so I’m really excited to come aboard! VR lets us create a new form of art, a next-level experience that goes way beyond just watching a show on a screen.”

Some of the Features

The metaverse of Sensorium Galaxy comes with fluid dynamics and exciting features that create an intricate experience for those involved.

It moves aside from the blatantly standard cartoonish avatars that are used by the majority of VR players as the platform uses Unreal Engine 4 to generate particularly realistic characters and environments.

The platform captures the majority of human complexities by providing a range of pre-set avatars, as well as hundreds of addons on top of clothing items and special visual effects.

Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence (AI) allows avatars to learn from their very users and become more accurate representations. Real users can also meet, date, and interact with non-player characters (NPCs), which, through AI technology, allows them to adapt dynamically to the preference of the user.

The SENSO Token

All of the above is powered by the SENSO Token, which is readily available and tradeable on a variety of big-name exchanges.

It’s the native cryptocurrency of the Sensorium Galaxy. The company has claimed that it expects to attract over 1.8 million users by the end of 2022 who would be paying for activities exclusively in SENSO tokens.

It has plenty of functionalities and applications. Users are able to spend it on upgrades for their avatars, making them stand out. They can also use them to subscribe for add-ons and effects for premium members. SENSO tokens can also be spent on tickets to live shows of renowned artists and also spend time with them at top-secret parties in VIP-only locations in the metaverse.


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