‘Insane’ ETH fees late Introduction of Aavegotchi NFT game

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“Aavegotchi on L2 means that no gas fees, quicker dealings confirmations, and an excellent gambling expertise,” aforementioned the project.

Decentralized finance project Aavegotchi is pushing back the mainnet launch of its non-fungible token digital collectible game thanks to high activity on the Ethereum blockchain.
According to a Tweet from its team nowadays, Aavegotchi are suspending the Jan. four launch of its game in response to the “insanely high gas costs” and “extreme volatility” on Ethereum. The project additionally declared it’ll “most likely” migrate to the Matic Network — a smart-contract platform and layer 2 scaling resolution for Ethereum.

“Aavegotchi on L2 means that no gas fees, quicker dealings confirmations, and an excellent gambling expertise,” the project declared, adding that it expected the launch to proceed before the tip of January.

According to the Aavegotchi litepaper, the sport options digital collectible ghost avatars backed by Aave (AAVE) fixed costs aTokens. a mix of traits that confirm the worth of ghost avatars, as well as random attributes that square measure determined once the tokens square measure minted, the worth of aTokens staked by user, and “wearables” — NFTs which will be programmatically tied to every Aavegotchi.
Many users responded completely to the news given the recent surge in Ethereum’s fees. Gas costs reached a median of $10.20 per dealings on Sunday because the value of the token surged past $1,000 to achieve new yearly highs.

The project is additionally is among many Ethereum-powered games that square measure pro Matic as a scaling resolution before Eth2’s launch. SkyWeaver, a collectible game that includes Ethereum-based in-game things, proclaimed on Sunday that it might be launching its open-beta version on an equivalent network.


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